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Product Specifications:

  • Material: Glass, Acrylic, Quicksand
  • Color: Blue, Black, Green, Gold
  • Package Included: 1pc x Quicksand Painting
  • Size: 7, 12inch
  • Sand Painting: 10.23*10.23inch
  • Frame: 11.02*10.23inch

Elevate your interior decor with our exquisite 12-inch 3D Glass Sandscape Hourglass Frame Art Ornament, a captivating piece that combines artistry, relaxation, and functionality. This unique creation presents an ever-changing display of flowing sand within a glass frame, making it a striking addition to any space.

The 3D hourglass sandscape frame art ornament is a true marvel of design and engineering. As the fine sand trickles from the top of the frame to the bottom, it creates intricate patterns and shapes, resembling a serene and constantly evolving desert landscape. This mesmerizing motion serves as both an artistic focal point and a calming presence in your office or home.

Crafted from high-quality glass, this 3D glass hourglass sandscape ornament showcases the beauty of the sandscape while ensuring its durability and longevity. The frame itself is an elegant and minimalist piece of art that complements various interior styles, from modern to traditional.

Whether you place it on your office desk, living room coffee table, or bedroom nightstand, this hourglass sandscape ornament exudes sophistication and tranquility. It serves as a conversation starter and provides a sense of serenity in any setting.

In summary, the 12-inch 3D Glass Sandscape Hourglass Frame Art Ornament is not just a decorative piece; it’s an experience. It’s ever-changing sandscape and elegant design make it a versatile and captivating addition to your office or home decor, transforming any space into a place of artistic wonder and relaxation.


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